Co-creating a roadmap for the future


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12 May, 2021 | 10am - 5pm

Co-creating a roadmap for the future

The year 2020 changed everything. Organizations quickly adapted business models to shift to the new normal, while enterprise OEMs and partners took active steps to contain the effects of the pandemic. With the initiation of the vaccination programme, there is hope that the growth in the industry, which is rebounding gradually, will be much greater than the previous years.

2021 is rightly being called the year of hope, as the entire world is looking at 2021 to bounce back. It is in this context that CRN, India’s number one IT channel brand, has launched ‘Channel Directions’ – a virtual conference that will have India’s top OEMs discuss their key plans for channel partners for 2021.

This is critical in the current scenario, aschannel partners seek new opportunitiesand partnerships, as well as newbusiness models.

CRN is the premier provider of IT channel media and events. We build go-to-market strategies that drive partner recruitment and enablement while creating customer demand.Our unmatched breadth and depth of global media and event brands combined with 35 years of experience and engagement has helped us build unparalleled audience loyalty and credibility.

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